Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Nitty Gritty

This image is a photograph that I saw at the Victoria Royal Museum this week while accompanying my son's middle school class. That is another story all in itself but I won't get into it now.

It was a photo exhibit from London's Natural History Museum; 2012 Wild Life Photographer of the Year competition. This image is called Sands of Time by photographer David Maitland. It completely captivated me. I stood in front of this image as long as the kids would allow me to. I felt like I had been transported into another world. A world where even the smallest of things have their identity and exceptional beauty.

Seeing the sand we build sand castles from, scrunch between our toes when we walk the beach, magnified to this extent was incredible. To see the wonderfully, perfect designs that each and every grain or minute piece of seaweed or driftwood was made up of. The colours, shapes and textures were a real feast for my eyes.

I couldn't help but want to pull out my sketchbook and draw some of these wonderful shapes. Inspiration from the very small could be a whole new series for my work. Not a new theme for sure, but one that captivates me at the moment. Maybe it is the winter season that makes me want to be small, hibernate, be quiet in my space. Spring is almost here and that will all change...